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Gail Hendrickson

Thank you so much for your interest in my Dad’s book.  I am Gail (Hendrickson) Lindenberg, the daughter of Jim and Irene, main characters of He Wrote Her Every Day.  If you have read the book, you know a great deal of my family story already from the time before I was born.

I am blessed to have such a great family.  One of my husband’s co-workers read the book before it was published.  He commented that I was so fortunate to have such strong parents.  He was absolutely right.  As with many born after the war, I had parents who lived through sweeping changes in our nation.  I wrote this book to share Dad’s letters and our family story, and to honor my father, a first-hand witness to the important events of his time.

I remain blessed in my own family with a husband, Gene, and two grown children, Brad and Janna. They went to college, as did my two brothers and my sister. None of us had to go to war.  Dad and Mom worked hard to make that possible. This was yet another promise my father kept.

I taught English until 2009 and retired early after a 37-year career.  I have published English textbooks through Alpha-Omega Publications as well as test items for Ballard & Tighe instructional and assessment material. I am a recent cancer survivor, which slowed, but did not stop, the writing of this book. Life is good—and I have Mom and Dad to thank for that.


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